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Aggregate Information

TheBestPetInsurance.Com collects certain aggregate statistical information through our hosting company, to provide us with the total number of visitors, total page hits, time of day visited, country, internet service provider, etc. The information collected is not personally identifiable.

Links to Other Web Sites

This site contains links to other Web sites, and you may be directed to other sites outside of our service. These other sites may collect data or solicit personal information. TheBestPetInsurance.Com is not responsible for the privacy practices of other web sites, or for the use of any information that may be collected by other sites.

Email Sent to TheBestPetInsurance.Com

Several email addresses are posted or used in conjunction with TheBestPetInsurance.Com. We collect the names, email addresses, and message content of those who send email to us. Your email may be forwarded to third parties for reply. For example, if you send us an email inquiring about a specific pet insurance offering, we may forward your email to a company that offers the type of pet insurance you are looking for. We may also post your email message on TheBestPetInsurance.Com or refer to your message in some other electronic or printed form. So keep in mind that in sending mail to TheBestPetInsurance.Com you assign all rights to your message content to us.

Links to TheBestPetInsurance.Com

All Web sites that have a link to TheBestPetInsurance.Com (and we thank all that do) are identifiable through our hosting company. We use this information to compile statistics about TheBestPetInsurance.Com and its growing popularity.

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